Skoklosters slott – Sveriges storste privatpalats.

Skoklosters slott – Sveriges storste privatpalats.

Skoklosters Slott ligger i Uppsala lan og er et av landets mest beromte slott. It took over thirty years to build the castle and in spite of the long construction time, it was never finished without stopping off when the builder Carl-Gustaf Wrangel died in 1676. From the beginning it was a private palace but the Swedish state acquired the building in 1967. The purchase was over 50,000 inventarier og kjoppriset utgjorde 25 millioner kroner. Etter kjopet renoverte man store deler av slottet, og na brukes det som museum. Skoklosters Slott is today a so-called building memorandum and trustee of the state property agency.

Hva visas pa museet?

Pa Skoklosters Slott, man shows up a lot of objects and proudly boasts among others one of Europe’s most famous weapon collections. I museet is also a large portraiture collection with over 600 works, most of which are from the 1600s. Most of the paintings are painted with oil on canvas, but there are also engravings and pastels. En interessant del av slottet er den sakalte ofullbordade salen. This rum would be a great party hall for baler and banquets, but when the craftsmen who worked with the building found out that the builder had died, they simply dropped their tools and left the castle. Because at that time there was a great lack of money, they thought they would not be paid for their work when the developer died. Since the room was never completed, it gives a good insight into how a construction site looked like at this time, and is considered to be one of the most interesting parts of the museum. Anledningen til at de senere eierne av slottet ikke byggde ferdig rommet tros v re den endrede okonomiske situasjonen for hoyadeln i 1600-tallet senere del.

Andre aktiviteter pa Skoklosters slott.

Besides that the castle is an interesting and beautiful museum, so there are a lot of other things you can do. It organizes mixed guided tours regularly and activities such as chocolate tastings. For den som onsker a overnatte, er det n rliggende Skoklosters Wardshus og hotell tilgjengelig. Det er et popul rt sted for konferanser og har ogsa en restaurant som du kan besoke, selv om du ikke bor pa hotellet.

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